Friday, May 2, 2014

By Dupe Aleru|Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens|May 2, 2014|4:30 pm 
Kris K.

Kris is a 3rd grade student at Emerson Parkside Academy in Long Beach, CA. He began our program in March of 2014 for tutoring in reading, writing and mathematics.

Last month, Kris’ tutor worked with him on spelling, math facts and fractions. Kris did such a wonderful job on his math. As a reward, his tutor let him play a math game on an iPad. He was more accurate with his answers and less overwhelmed when playing the game; therefore, his tutor began to incorporate it as a part of their system to learning math facts.

“Kris is a wonderful student. He is focused and works hard. He sometimes needs a reminder to read directions and check work, but never seems confused or lost. Kris takes great pride in his work, diligently shading diagrams, and writing with excellent penmanship,” said his tutor Geneva Trelease.

Tutors for Tots congratulates Kris on his amazing achievement and acknowledges the hard work of his tutor Geneva Trelease.