Monday, January 23, 2012

El Rodeo Raises $400 Through Its Pennies for Patients Service Learning Project

By Dupe Aleru|Ed Enterprise|1/23/2012|1:52 p.m.

Mary Morgensterns' 5th grade class raised over $400 in the beginning of the three week drive for El Rodeo's Pennies for Patients Service-Learning Project!

Row 1:  Jenna Neumann, Juliann Finkelstein, Olivia Billingsly, Erica Dennis, Aaron Selikowitz, Daniel Heller, Jake Selikowitz

Row 2:  Savannah Cerizo, Josh Reihl, Sonya Gluckstein, Lola Geary, Rebecca Neumann, Isaiah Berke, Chase Capik

Row 3:  Georgia Minami, Hannah Park, Malikeh Sharifi, Brittney Aminpour, Lily Bardani, Jaime Jacoby, Charlene Kay, Nick Gorelik

Row 4:  Mrs. Morganstern, Madelyn Yukich, Justin Na, Will Berlin

Missing from photo:  Isaiah Beenhower, Thomas Telles, William Rozwood, Natalie Arussi