Monday, November 19, 2012

Tutors for Tots Tweens & Teens New Business Address

Tutors for Tots Tweens & Teens
5541 E. 7th Street
Long Beach, CA 90804
By Dupe Aleru|Ed Enterprise|November 19, 2012|4:52 pm

Tutors for Tots Tweens & Teens would like to announce its new business address at the location of 5541 E. 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90804.

Business doors will be opened starting the first of January 2013. In addition, we will be hosting our Grand Opening event on Saturday, January 12, 2013 from 12pm-3pm.

Stay tune for more details to come within the next few weeks.

For more information about our services and programs, visit or call 562-856-2801.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Preschool Applications A-Z: Valley-Area Workshop for Families

By Dupe Aleru|Ed Enterprise|November 11, 2012|5:50pm
Parents Education League (PEL)

The Parents Education League of Los Angeles will be hosting its "Preschool Applications A-Z: Valley-Area Workshops" with special guest and speaker Kirsten Hanson-Press, on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

For additional information or to register, visit

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tutors for Tots to Move into New Office in 2013

Tutoring, Counseling, Special Ed and Test Prep
By Dupe Aleru|Ed Enterprise|November 10, 2012|11:30am

Tutors for Tots will be settled in their new office location5541 E. 7th Street on the corner of 7th and Ultimo in Long Beach, starting January 1, 2013.

After establishing the business back in 2010, it has been an exhilarating journey for me as well as the Tutors for Tots staff, students and parents.

The business started in the comfort on my own home after being laid off in May of 2010. Though I was devastated from losing my job as a teacher with LBUSD, I knew that God had a plan for my life and I was determined to follow my instinctsto start my own education company.

During the beginning stages, I was just thrilled to have my own company and to be working for myself.  I envisioned to start a business that would allow parents to supplement their child's education, but I had no idea at the time how much work, energy and time would have to go into my new business for it to become successful.

Though it's still early in our journey, I can say that Tutors for Tots is slowly growing due to the dedication of our clients and the quality of instruction that we bring to our community.

I am proud to be a part of this pioneering company and I am thrilled to see what's next to come!

Friday, November 9, 2012

St. Anthony's Kendall Cooper Commits to Duke

Kendall Cooper, Picture Courtesy of St. Anthony's H.S.

By News|November 8, 2012|9:05pm
Kendall Cooper, a 6-foot-3 post player from St. Anthony High (Long Beach, Calif.) and the No. 12 prospect in the 2013 class, became part of a blockbuster recruiting class when she committed to Duke on Thursday during a ceremony at her school.
Cooper joins guard Rebecca Greenwell (the No. 6 overall prospect), forward Oderah Chidom (No. 10) and point guard Kianna Holland (No. 32) in the Blue Devils' loaded class.
To view full article, visit Kendall Cooper Commits to Duke
Tutors for Tots would like to give a special shout out and congrats to Kendall Cooper, daughter of Stephanie Cooper, the College Prep Tutor for Tutors for Tots. We wish you all the success at Duke and many successes in your future! 
Congrats Kendall! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prop 30 Passed: What to Expect Now?

By Dupe Aleru| Ed Enterprise|November 7, 2012|2:00pm 

Most educators were overjoyed yesterday when Proposition 30 was passed statewide with 54% of the vote.  By passing this measure, sales tax will increase by a quarter-cent for four years. In addition, the measure will raise taxes on individuals earning their first $250,000 in income and couples after their first $500,000 in earnings for the next seven years.

As for current school budgets, school districts are protected from $5.4 billion in cuts that were scheduled to take effect prior to the passing of Prop 30, yesterday.

Now as to how the school calendar will take effect and be brought back to the 180-day school year is still in question. For this school year, teachers accepted up to 10 unpaid furlough days—five of which being instructional days for students. With Thanksgiving around the corner, schools are scheduled to take a week off; therefore, it may seem too late for schools to go back to the 3-days vacation time as in prior years.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Goal Setting and Time Management Workshop for Parents

By Laura Brady Saade|Parents Education League|November 4, 2012|3:15pm

The Parents Education League of Los Angles will be hosting a "Goal Setting and Time Management Workshop" for parents on Thursday, November 15, 2012. The workshop is designed to help parents brainstorm about different strategies on time that they can implement with their children inside the home. Read below for additional information or email

Dear Parents;
You have packed away the Halloween decorations, ordered your organic turkey and knocked-out almost all of your Holiday shopping, right?
If not, this workshop is waiting just for you!

Designed to help us get more time to do the things we really like, Give Me 10 strategies help us break through the small and large barriers to productivity.

Laura Saade, Mom and MBA, didn't stop there.
Give Me 10 also offers strategies to help our kids think about time differently.
What’s so great about 10 minutes? In this workshop, you’ll explore the answer to these questions and find ways to carve out time for your own goals – and then reach them, 10 minutes at a time.

This practical, inspiring and useful workshop will help you make the most of those brief gaps in the day’s schedule to take time for yourself. You’ll learn tricks to give you more control of your day, and be able to answer the question, “Where did my day go?”

Laura has spent most of her career helping companies and individuals make the most of their time and work smarter. After earning an MBA at Wharton, she worked in management consulting. Since having kids and seeing the parenting challenges of “time management”, she works with individuals to share strategies to carve out time for personal goals, amidst the challenges of work and home responsibilities. Her practical, easy-to-adapt techniques have been featured on the Huffington Post, and in O and Good Housekeeping magazines.

PEL is excited to introduce a time management strategy for the busiest parents and kids!
Be sure to RSVP today and mark your calendar.
Seating is limited. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tutors for Tots Tip of the Week: Study Skills

By Dupe Aleru|Tutors for Tots|November 2, 2012| 6:00pm

Parents can use these 5 tips and implement them in their home to help their child enhance their study skills and positive studying habits.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Healthy Kids: How to Help Your Children Stay Healthy During Busy School Days

By Dupe Aleru|November 1, 2012|6:30pm 

Parents are consumed with demanding schedules of work, kids, household, family time and extracurricular activities. Within the hectic school week, students spend a great deal of their time at school. Educating your children about healthy meal choices can help them stay alert during school as well as healthy during the school year. Foremost, eating a well balance breakfast, healthy snack as well as lunch during the school day is vital. Subsequently, receiving enough exercise during recess break and after school can boost students’ metabolism. In addition, giving your child a snack before they begin their homework will fuel their minds and help them stay focus on the task at hand. Finally, a healthy dinner and sufficient sleep will give children the energy they need to start a healthy new day as young scholars.

Tutors for Tots October Student of the Month

Yogurtland Belmont Shore
By Dupe Aleru| Tutors for Tots| November 

Michael, son of Carlos and Christina M., is a 3rd grade student at Lowell Elementary School in Long Beach, CA. 

He came to us last school year to enhance his reading comprehension and writing skills to prepare himself for the Gate Exam. Michael is now in the 3rd grade gate class at Lowell Elementary.

This year, Michaels parents wanted him to freshen up his penmanship and writing skills so he began tutoring early this school year.

I had the pleasure of having Michael as a student when he was in Kindergarten at Lowell Elementary. Hes a very bright individual who exhibits leadership and a liking for learning, said Founder, Dupé Aleru.

Tutors for Tots would like to congratulate Michael on his achievement as well as acknowledge his tutor Megan Johnson. Way to go Michael.  Keep up the great work!