Thursday, November 1, 2012

Healthy Kids: How to Help Your Children Stay Healthy During Busy School Days

By Dupe Aleru|November 1, 2012|6:30pm 

Parents are consumed with demanding schedules of work, kids, household, family time and extracurricular activities. Within the hectic school week, students spend a great deal of their time at school. Educating your children about healthy meal choices can help them stay alert during school as well as healthy during the school year. Foremost, eating a well balance breakfast, healthy snack as well as lunch during the school day is vital. Subsequently, receiving enough exercise during recess break and after school can boost students’ metabolism. In addition, giving your child a snack before they begin their homework will fuel their minds and help them stay focus on the task at hand. Finally, a healthy dinner and sufficient sleep will give children the energy they need to start a healthy new day as young scholars.

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