Friday, May 2, 2014

By Dupe Aleru|Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens|May 2, 2014|4:30 pm 
Kris K.

Kris is a 3rd grade student at Emerson Parkside Academy in Long Beach, CA. He began our program in March of 2014 for tutoring in reading, writing and mathematics.

Last month, Kris’ tutor worked with him on spelling, math facts and fractions. Kris did such a wonderful job on his math. As a reward, his tutor let him play a math game on an iPad. He was more accurate with his answers and less overwhelmed when playing the game; therefore, his tutor began to incorporate it as a part of their system to learning math facts.

“Kris is a wonderful student. He is focused and works hard. He sometimes needs a reminder to read directions and check work, but never seems confused or lost. Kris takes great pride in his work, diligently shading diagrams, and writing with excellent penmanship,” said his tutor Geneva Trelease.

Tutors for Tots congratulates Kris on his amazing achievement and acknowledges the hard work of his tutor Geneva Trelease. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Importance of Community Outreach

As a way of gratitude for their success and compassion for those around them, many large companies serve their community through different events and services.  Community outreach, though not essential for the survival of a business, encourages generosity in the company so they can use their wealth to bring together a struggling community.  Although larger, more developed companies may spend money on outreach projects, it is becoming evident that wealth is not a prerequisite to serving your community.  In reality, it is possible to serve the community without the exchange of money, allowing small businesses to give back as well. 

Tutors for Tots is a great example of how the size and age of a company does not need to be a hindrance in community involvement.  This young business is establishing a mentorship program at Beach High School, a school in Long Beach for high school students who are missing credits.  As a part of their outreach project, Tutors for Tots is finding students at CSU, Long Beach who are able to serve at Beach High School for academic credit.  As mentors, these college students will help these high school students with their school work and encourage confidence in academics.  This project is allowing Tutors for Tots to serve the community, providing additional assistance for the students at Beach High School, and allowing CSULB students to receive academic credit for meaningful work.  

No money needs to be spent for this community outreach project to be successful and all three groups can benefit from its establishment.  Tutors for Tots' work at Beach High School is simply one example of how wealth and size are not always necessary to serve your community.  Even small businesses have their own specialities and talents, they just need to find away to use what they already have to serve the people around them. Giving back to the community may not always be free, but I guarantee you will always gain from whatever you lose. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How-To Culture

By Mackenzie Ammirato|Ed Enterprise|January 22,2014

Where do you go to find the answer to a question? Years ago, people researched information at the library, newspaper, or even turned to the wisdom of those more experienced. However, as technology is becoming available to more people, our questions can be answered with ease with just the click of a button.  I have realized that often when I ask someone a question, they respond, "I don't know - Google it." The fact that "Google" has become its own verb further emphasizes the impact of technology on the sharing of information.

When trying to learn life skills from the internet, we mostly search "How to [anything]", and many sites, blogs and forums will appear that give you instant answers to life's daily struggles, no matter how mundane or critical they may be.  However, many of these informational posts are extremely worth while, especially in the world of education.

Many teachers enjoy learning new methods to help their students understand challenging topics that are often difficult to grasp with traditional teaching methods.  Dupe Aleru has partnered up with eHow, the ultimate place to go for "how-to" information.  Whatever you are trying to learn, no matter how far fetched it may be, eHow most likely has an article about it.  As a teacher, tutor, author, and business owner, Dupe Aleru has developed effective ways to teach challenging topics to students in a way that is easier to understand.  Her unique perspective was recognized by eHow, so they filmed many educational "How To" videos of Dupe for their site.

Because of their success on eHow and YouTube, Dupe Aleru has been featured on Demand Media: Content Solutions for her educational videos. Congrats Dupe! It is always exciting to have your talent recognized on such a large scale. Next time you are learning for the internet, no matter what it may be, take a moment to appreciate the ease of obtaining this information, and the people who originally presented the information to you.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Over the Top Birthday Party Trends

By Dupé Aleru|Ed Enterprise|September 25, 2013

Let’s take a look back into the past. In the early 1990’s, birthday parties consisted of a local grocery store birthday cake, colorful latex balloons, a few gifts from friends and of course a birthday card with money from grandma and grandpa. Children were entertained by merely dancing to music streaming from a boom box, pinning the tail on a donkey, and let’s not forget hitting that piñata filled with every child’s favorite candy. Oh yes, those were the good old days.

Flash forward to 2013, birthday parties are now a gala event. Living in cities such as Los Angeles, Orange County and Dallas Texas, parents compete to have the most hip party of the year—we’re talking about 2, 3, 4, and 5-year-old birthdays.

Spending $10,000 for a birthday may seem outrageous to some, but for others, it’s a norm. Birthday planners are called to save the day as they are seen as the new superheroes of the century. From snow machines in the summer to a petting zoo in the backyard, there’s nothing they can’t pull off.

Invites set the tone for a child’s birthday. Picture an invitation as the first impression for the gala event. Parents as well as children like to know, who, what, where, when and how. Creating a fun and innovative invitation will create buzz about the future extravaganza that will have parents talking about it for months.
The best parties usually have a common theme. Whether it’s a costume character or a destination location (ex. Disneyland), parties can be extremely fun and entertaining. The key is to choose a theme and plan around it.

A hot trend today, that you see at birthday parties are photo booths. There’s not a better way to make a child’s special day most memorable, other than taking lots and lots of pictures. Photo booths are a fun and creative way that allow children to make their own memories as they play dress up before they say “cheese”.

As guests are starting to leave the event, a great way to say thank you is to give them a parting favor. Who wouldn't like a party favor from the most amazing birthday event of the year? Absolutely no one! Children love to go home with gifts so trendy parties surely must have goodie bags for their guests as a parting favor.

I’m sure twenty years from now, parents will up the ante. As for now, enjoy celebrating your child’s most precious moments with love, family, friends and entertainment.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tutors for Tots Gets Interviewed by Home Grown Radio

By Dupe Aleru|Ed Enterprise|March 25, 2013|3:47 pm

Tutors for Tots Tweens & Teens had the pleasure of being interviewed by Home Grown Radio, to promote its Grand Opening of its new office location at 5541 E. 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90804.

Check it out!

Tutors for Tots| Home Grown Radio Interview

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Face of Sound Uncovered, Exploratoriums New iPad App

Photo by Exploratorium Staff
By Dupe Aleru|Ed Enterprise|February 18, 2013|1:10 pm

Lola Aleru, former Program Manager for the Exploratorium in San Francisco, is the new face of Sound Uncovered, a new innovative educational app for the iPad. This creative new app is the 2nd iPad app developed by Exploratorium staff. The fist app, Colored Uncovered, drew over one million downloads; hence, the need for making a second app.

Aleru, the sister of Tutors for Tots Founder Dupe Aleru, currently lives in Nairobi Kenya working as a Program Manager for Aquaya Institute. Aleru spent the last decade managing muli-million dollar projects as a program manager for various non profit organizations in the Bay Area. In addition, she was an integral part of the Society for Advancement for Chicanos and Native Americans in Science from 1999 - 2006 in Santa Cruz, California.

With a B.A. in Business Management Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Aleru deems to have an impressive resume and work experience in business management.

While she's living and working for her dream job in Nairobi, one can follow her experience, journey and work by visiting Lola's Aleru's Journey in Nairobi Kenya.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tutors for Tots Featured in LB Business Journal

Photo taken by Thomas McConville
By Dupe Aleru|LB Business Journal|February 12, 2013|2:33pm

February 12, 2013 – Former Long Beach Unified School District teacher Dupe Aleru is the CEO and founder of Tutors for Tots, which opened on January 12 at 5541 E. 7th St. The business offers one-on-one education consulting, language tutoring, special education, test preparation, summer camp and other tutoring and counseling services for students from pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade.

For the full article, visit Long Beach Business Journal