Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Season 1 Episode 4: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Guest Personal Trainer)

O-M-G! We just love episode 4 of The Cook Book. My dear friend Monique Bell is guest hosting for my education segment. You guys DO NOT want to miss her demo exercises that will whip you into shape! We encourage all of you to stay fit and healthy. Please support her show by clicking on the video and sharing! Don't forget to subscribe for FREE to our YouTube channel as well. We appreciate your support! #TheCookBook #Fitness #Health #Education

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Cook Book : Season 1 Trailer


Educational Show Teaches Interactive Activities and Nutrition to Students K-12

August 24, 2015 – Long Beach, CA – Tutor for Tots, Tweens and Teens LLC—an in-home tutoring company for students K-12— will premier its educational web series, “The Cook Book” on Wednesday, September 9, 2015.

“The Cook Book” web series is an extension of Tutors for Tots’ supplemental educational services for students in grades K-12. The twelve-episode series correlates with the company’s in-home tutoring niche by providing interactive educational videos that children can watch in the comfort of their home and classroom.

Dupé Aleru, founder and owner of Tutors for Tots, exemplifies a hands-on approach to learning, while engaging the viewer’s senses on multiple levels. By utilizing taste, touch, look, and feel within each episode, “The Cook Book” increases both retention and comprehension by touching on the three main cognitive learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

“Learning is most effective when lessons are hands-on, and students are able to manipulate what they’ve learned on their own,” explains Aleru. “My goal was to create a web series that’s innovative, yet current. We live in a technological society where children have the option to learn on their own by just a click of a button. ‘The Cook Book’ gives students that option.”

The title “The Cook Book,” is a creative play with words, fusing together educational lessons with nutritional cooking. Each week the episodes will feature a two-minute educational segment—lessons and activities—the “book” portion of its name; and a two- minute cooking segment—recipes and cooking— the “cook” portion of its name.

The education segment will engage children by producing exciting educational lessons and activities that teachers can implement inside the classroom as educational demo videos during workshop, or whole group instruction. Most lessons support the Common Core Standards. In addition, the cooking segment dishes up creative recipes that student’s can replicate at home or school with minimal adult supervision. Co-host Chantal Jura, creates quick and simple healthy meals that can seamlessly tie in with health lessons at school. Furthermore, the recipes are designed to be easy and fun, while maintaining the health guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Friday, May 2, 2014

By Dupe Aleru|Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens|May 2, 2014|4:30 pm 
Kris K.

Kris is a 3rd grade student at Emerson Parkside Academy in Long Beach, CA. He began our program in March of 2014 for tutoring in reading, writing and mathematics.

Last month, Kris’ tutor worked with him on spelling, math facts and fractions. Kris did such a wonderful job on his math. As a reward, his tutor let him play a math game on an iPad. He was more accurate with his answers and less overwhelmed when playing the game; therefore, his tutor began to incorporate it as a part of their system to learning math facts.

“Kris is a wonderful student. He is focused and works hard. He sometimes needs a reminder to read directions and check work, but never seems confused or lost. Kris takes great pride in his work, diligently shading diagrams, and writing with excellent penmanship,” said his tutor Geneva Trelease.

Tutors for Tots congratulates Kris on his amazing achievement and acknowledges the hard work of his tutor Geneva Trelease. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Importance of Community Outreach

As a way of gratitude for their success and compassion for those around them, many large companies serve their community through different events and services.  Community outreach, though not essential for the survival of a business, encourages generosity in the company so they can use their wealth to bring together a struggling community.  Although larger, more developed companies may spend money on outreach projects, it is becoming evident that wealth is not a prerequisite to serving your community.  In reality, it is possible to serve the community without the exchange of money, allowing small businesses to give back as well. 

Tutors for Tots is a great example of how the size and age of a company does not need to be a hindrance in community involvement.  This young business is establishing a mentorship program at Beach High School, a school in Long Beach for high school students who are missing credits.  As a part of their outreach project, Tutors for Tots is finding students at CSU, Long Beach who are able to serve at Beach High School for academic credit.  As mentors, these college students will help these high school students with their school work and encourage confidence in academics.  This project is allowing Tutors for Tots to serve the community, providing additional assistance for the students at Beach High School, and allowing CSULB students to receive academic credit for meaningful work.  

No money needs to be spent for this community outreach project to be successful and all three groups can benefit from its establishment.  Tutors for Tots' work at Beach High School is simply one example of how wealth and size are not always necessary to serve your community.  Even small businesses have their own specialities and talents, they just need to find away to use what they already have to serve the people around them. Giving back to the community may not always be free, but I guarantee you will always gain from whatever you lose.