About Me

Dupe Aleru

Long Beach, CA, United States

There's a lot more to me than meets the eyes. Though I'm a professional educator with years of experience in education and journalism, I like people to see me as a spiritual, passionate,  yet sensitive family-oriented individual.

Growing up in Fresno CA, I was raised with three siblings, me being the second oldest.  I come from a family of passionate, hard working and loving individuals. I'm extremely close with my parents and siblings and I thank God every day for allowing me to have such a wonderful family.

Apart from my family, I pride myself on being a leader and making a difference in our community. After being laid off as a teacher, I decided to venture out to find exactly what I was born to do (within education of course). I landed a job as the Director of Education Services for The Beverly Hills Courier, reporting on current education news and sports. After working there for close to a year, I realized that I have a strong passion for journalism as well as educating students on a macro level. 

I decided to self-publish a children’s learning book, Animals in Action A-Z. The book allows emergent readers to learn their alphabet and its sounds by reading to a sing-a-long CD. My goal is for the book to be used inside preschool and kindergarten classrooms, that will help students learn their alphabet sounds and letters.

As an educator with a passionate commitment to student development and the learning experience, I decided to end my short career as and education reporter, and open my own education company, Tutors for Tots Tweens & Teens LLC. My education company services students in grades Pre K-12 in all subject areas as well as counseling, special education and test preparation.

Though my career started as an elementary school teacher for Long Beach Unified School DistrictI can say that I am very blessed and pleased to where I am now--working as an education consultant and business owner in education.

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