Thursday, September 22, 2011

St. Timothy Teachers Honored the Prestigious Artsonia Award

By Dupe Aleru|Ed Enterprise|Sept. 22, 2011|11:50 a.m.

St. Timothy School’s teachers were recently honored by Artsoniaan educational company dedicated to integrating technology into the school classroom while enabling students to view other student artwork in faraway countriesthe Artsonia Leadership Award for the 2010-2011 school year.

The prominent award commends St. Timothy and its community for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to Arts Education as well as its teachers who go “beyond the classroom walls to encourage family and community involvement in Arts Education,” said CEO Jim Myers of Artsonia.

This prestigious award is only given to ten schools per state across the United States. Furthermore, Artsonia showcases over twelve million pieces of artwork from thousands of schools. As for St. Timothy, its online art gallery ranks #5 in the state.

Parents and community members can view a total of 1,669 published pieces of St. Timothy’s student artwork online. The school has acquired an active fan club of over 340 members as well as 436 comments from fans.

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  1. What a wonderful write up. Thank you for supporting STS!

  2. I am a mom at St. Timothy School and appreciate this article so much! St. Timothy is truly a hidden gem in West LA and our teachers are fabulous!! I have two children currently attending and couldn't be happier with the fantastic education they are receiving.

  3. I teach at St. Timothy, and was so excited to see our wonderful school highlighted in your article. Everything about St. Timothy is great!

  4. Congrats to all of the teachers and students who have excelled and making a difference globally!