Friday, October 21, 2011

Tutors for Tots Offers In-home Tutoring to Students in Grades PreK-12

Dear Parents, Educators and Community,

Tutors for Tots offers in-home tutoring services to students in grades PreK-12. Our mission is to recognize the uniqueness that each child brings to the wold and the classroom. 

All Tutors for Tots tutors are fully credentialed and/or have majored in the subject area of their choice for tutoring. At Tutors for Tots we ensure that each child is paired with the right tutor so the child can experience academic success in school.

Tutors for Tots educational philosophy is to motivate students, foster confidence and support new ideas. Students will be able to find what truly inspires them and use their new founded confidence, skills and tools inside the classroom.

If you would like to know more information about how Tutors for Tots can best meet the needs of your student, please email for more information or visit


Founder/CEO, Dupe Aleru


  1. Hi all...

    Home tutoring is an affordable way to help your child realize his or her potential. Whether it's school work or some extra-curricular activity that you're interested in providing for your child, there's a tutor out there willing to help you. Thanks.

  2. This content is really very infomative. Parents should be attentive towards their child's educational development for the sake of it in home tutoring is good option.

  3. I truly recommend home tutoring because it is really effective. Kids who went to similar programs like SAT prep queens really improved in school. It is a good way to understand the difficult subjects without the pressure.

  4. That's great. I have come to see the benefits of tutorials after I have my child enrolled for pre-k tutoring. They taught him well and he's really doing great in school.