Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prop 30 Passed: What to Expect Now?

By Dupe Aleru| Ed Enterprise|November 7, 2012|2:00pm 

Most educators were overjoyed yesterday when Proposition 30 was passed statewide with 54% of the vote.  By passing this measure, sales tax will increase by a quarter-cent for four years. In addition, the measure will raise taxes on individuals earning their first $250,000 in income and couples after their first $500,000 in earnings for the next seven years.

As for current school budgets, school districts are protected from $5.4 billion in cuts that were scheduled to take effect prior to the passing of Prop 30, yesterday.

Now as to how the school calendar will take effect and be brought back to the 180-day school year is still in question. For this school year, teachers accepted up to 10 unpaid furlough days—five of which being instructional days for students. With Thanksgiving around the corner, schools are scheduled to take a week off; therefore, it may seem too late for schools to go back to the 3-days vacation time as in prior years.

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