Saturday, January 15, 2011

Staff Members At Jordan High Must Reapply For Their Jobs

According to Howard Blume of the Los Angeles Times, teachers are in utter disbelief and outraged when they learned on Wednesday that they will have to re-interview for their jobs.

Jordan High-the low-performing school in Watts, will restructured leaving all employees to reapply, announced Wednesday by L.A. schools Supt. Ramon C. Cortines.

"I'm really devastated," said one teacher at the Watts school, who asked not to be named because she could lose her job. "The only reason that I hang in there is that I love the kids so much, even when they don't love me."

Although this might be devastating to most, employees will be eligible for jobs elsewhere in the nation's second-largest school system-Los Angeles.

The reconstruction will divide the Jordan High campus into three small schools that will be run by outside entities. In an after-school meeting Wednesday, Jordan's principal announced to staff members that two of the three groups were nonprofit charters: The Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools and Green Dot Public Schools. The third being a Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, a nonprofit that manages 15 schools on behalf of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

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Posted Jan 13, 2011|8:23 a.m. by Howard Blume

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