Sunday, January 30, 2011

USC President Urges Students Not To Attend Raves

Fan Tries To Jump Fence At Rave
According to the Los Angeles Times, "the president of USC is warning students not to attend raves, saying use of the illegal drug Ecstasy at the massive dance parties 'can create a ripple effect of dangers that lead to catastrophic consequences.'"
I wish to warn you about a specific danger that has become increasingly prevalent in the city of Los Angeles: raves. Occasionally, these are held close to our campuses, often at the Coliseum or the Shrine, and they present serious risks to all who attend, USC President C.L. Max Nikias wrote in the letter sent by e-mail Wednesday to USC students. The letter was first reported by the Neon Tommy website.
"Nikias said Ecstasy is common at raves and can produce paranoia, panic attacks and hallucinations."
Therefore, with the collective support of the university's senior administration — and as the father of two USC students — I strongly discourage your participation at rave events, he wrote.
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Los Angeles Times|By Rong Gong Lin II|January 27, 2011

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