Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sylvan Learning Center Announces Skye Hambrick As Its February Student Of The Month

By Dupé Aleru

Sylvan Learning Center is pleased to announce third grade student Skye Hambrick as the recipient of its February 2011 Student of the Month Award.

“We use the monthly award to recognize the achievements, hard work, and improvement that some of our finest students demonstrate throughout their program. Skye’s performance over the last few months certainly has earned her this honor,” said Center Director Tim Benson.
“Skye joined our Sylvan family at the end of last summer to get ready for the new school year.  Although it was clear at the time that she was a talented learner, her mother decided that in order to continue to strengthen her skills, joining Sylvan would be a major advantage to enhance her learning, preparing her for the upcoming school year.” 

“Since then, Skye has made significant increases in both her math and reading scores when comparing her Progress Assessments to her Initial Diagnostic Assessment. For example, her Total Math percentile has risen from 63rd to 97th. That means she is now outperforming 97% of her peers in mathematics on the standardized California Achievement Test. Her Reading scores have also made a fantastic jump, where she now scores in the 92nd percentile.”

“Congratulations Skye on all of your hard work and success.  It has been a pleasure having you in our center. We know you will continue to challenge yourself and continue to be a top performer in all academic areas.”

For more information regarding the Sylvan academic programs, please contact Tim Benson, center director at 310- 843-0111 or visit

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