Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Former Ventura College Coach Found Guilty of Stealing School Funds

By Steve Chawkins|Los Angeles Times|March 23, 2011|2:57 p.m.

A jury has found a former Ventura College coach and athletic director guilty of stealing money intended for the school's basketball program.
Greg Winslow was accused of channeling donations into a secret fund from which he paid for some of his players' rent as well as a week's vacation rental for his family, a repair to his boat and other personal expenses. During his trial in Ventura County Superior Court, he told jurors that whatever money he may have taken was less than the money he doled out personally for team expenses.
"I think it's pretty obvious I wasn't the best bookkeeper in the world," he said.
After an investigation was launched in 2008, Winslow emptied the secret account and kept about $20,000 in cash in a fanny pack hidden first in his closet and then in his mother's house. He turned it in to prosecutors two months ago, saying he had intended it for the basketball coach who succeeded him.
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