Saturday, March 19, 2011

St Timothy Catholic School Decathlon Team Takes Top Honors

By Dupé Aleru|March 19, 2011|12:50 p.m.

St. Timothy Catholic School’s Academic Jr. High Decathlon Team, under the coaching of Mirian Avalos, placed 20th overall out of the 104 schools who participated in the annual meet this month.

The Academic Junior High Decathlon is a competition for students in grades 6-8. Within the ten events at the competition, two are a collaborative team effort—a logic quiz with 20 rigorous thinking problems, and a super quiz with 50 multiple choice questions on five broad academic themes. The remaining eight events test individual knowledge of the Roman Catholic doctrine: English, Literature, Science, Mathematics, Current Events, Social Studies, and Fine Arts (Art and Music).

This year’s team included Rachel Lim, Andrew Martinez, Sara Matta, Monique Sheps, Douglas Wickham and alternate Joshua Lesaca, who made a true commitment to the team.
Decathlon awards are given to individual and team performances, and the winning school team from each geographic diocese competes in a state championship the first Saturday of May each year.
Individual winners included: Zack Castorina - 5th in Science, Jade Cook - 9th in Math, Grant Fajardo - 10th in English, Katherine Irajpanah - 1st in Social Studies and Karenina Juarez - 3rd in Literature.
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