Monday, April 4, 2011

St. Timothy Teacher Nicole Adkins Wins A National Playwriting Workshop Award

Nicole Adkins

By Dupé Aleru|April 4, 2011|7:58 a.m. 

St. Timothy Catholic School was pleased to learn of its very own librarian, Nicole Adkins, to be one of four winners of the 2011 National Waldo M. and Grace C. Bonderman Playwriting Workshop Award.

Adkins play, The Lost Princess will be featured in a rehearsed reading at the Indiana Repertory Theatre in Indianapolis. The play is geared towards students in grades fifth through eighth.

The Lost Princess a story taking place in Vienna, Austria in 1888, tells a story of an orphan, who after being sent to live at the Schoenbrunn Palace with her aunt and her uncle—a Royal Guard, finds herself entangled in palace politics.

The story is loosely based on the true story of Adkins great-great-grandmother.  Adkins was flown to Indianapolis last Friday to embark in a week’s worth of development, with a team of a director, dramaturg, graduate assistant, and student respondents— the age of her target audience.

At the end of her six days of concentrated work and rehearsal, there will be a public reading at the 4-day bi-annual Bonderman Symposium, which many children's theatre professionals from around the country attended.

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