Saturday, May 14, 2011

College Zoom’s Enrichment Program Empowers BHHS Students

By Dupé Aleru|May 14, 2011|9:33 p.m. 

 As we look back at the school year and applaud the many successes of Beverly Hills enrichment programs, we cannot forget about the award-winning college admissions counseling business, College Zoom—directed by BHHS alumnus David Reynaldo.

Reynaldo was the master-mind behind the writing enrichment program at Beverly Hills High School for Dr. Raquel Ramey’s Critical Reading and Writing classes. The innovated program spanned over two weeks wherein College Zoom writing tutors helped students develop autobiographical essays, learn about persuasive writing strategies, and prepare for their final written exam.

 “The program’s goal is to elevate the way Dr. Ramsey’s students think and reason. We are even challenging them to utilize the same sophisticated storytelling and persuasive writing strategies that College Zoom used to help college applicants reverse UCLA and USC rejection letters,” said College Zoom Director David Reynaldo.

During the sessions, the tutors worked with students one-on-one and in small groups.  According to Reynaldo, in one instance of the persuasive essay assignment, one class unanimously chose to address an essay topic that was perceived to be the “easiest” to answer; however, many students changed topics once their arguments were challenged by the tutors. “Before, my way of reasoning was totally wrong.  I used to think that it was better to agree with majority opinions. Now, I know how to support my own opinion and intelligently think for myself,” said Senior Ali Ukra.

On the last day of the program, students reported that their writing ability not only improved but their confidence increased as well. 

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