Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher’s Appreciation Week Honors Teachers In BHUSD

By Dupé Aleru|May 4, 2011|7:54 a.m.

Have you even wanted to show gratitude to a former or current teacher? If so, this week was definitely the week to do so. BHUSD among many other school districts across the nation celebrated Teacher’s Appreciation Week.

Hawthorne, Horace Mann, El Rodeo and Beverly Vista started its appreciation gala on Monday.

Among the many activities, gifts and events, Horace Mann started off the week by giving its entire teacher staff a gift card to Starbucks. The following day, teachers and staff were treated to a free dinner at Souplantation. As if that’s not enough, on Wednesday teachers received a flower and a vase. The week ended with appreciation cards written by students to their teachers and a faculty luncheon for all the teachers and staff.

Hawthorne school started its week by giving every teacher and staff member a Coffee Bean gift bag filled with goodies such as a travel mug, a bag of Sumatra Coffee, a tin of Moroccan Mint Tea and biscotti.

Additional gifts and events for teachers included chocolates, breakfast in the courtyard and lounge and a sweet treat mail box surprise.
El Rodeo and Beverly Vista joined the festivities by hosting its catered luncheon on campus and passing out gifts to their teachers as well.

All in all, teachers play a key role in every child’s academic development and evolution and saying a quick “thank you” will truly warm the hearts of many teachers while exhibiting your appreciation.

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