Thursday, June 9, 2011

Charlene Liebau Wishes You A Happy Summer

By Charlene Liebau|June 9, 2011|7:03 a.m.
College Admissions Editor

The 2010–2011 school year is quickly coming to a close. For students graduating from high school thoughts turn to fall and the next steps. For others, summer plans are most likely in the final stage of planning: summer school, a job, community service, a research project, and/or travel. 

Whatever the summer holds, I hope you will include time to reflect on the challenges and achievements of the past year. Take time to think about your goals. And take time to think about how you choose to spend your discretionary time—are you using it in productive ways? Are you using it in ways to meet your goals? We all get caught up in the “doing”—it is important for each of us to take the time to reflect on what we are “doing” and why.

With that thought in mind, I will be spending my summer months visiting college campuses and preparing articles for the 2011–2012 school year.
 If, in the meantime you have questions or would like me to write on a specific topic of interest, please contact me at

Until then, wishes for a healthy, productive, restful, and reflective summer. 

Charlene Liebau is the former director of admissions for CalTech and Occidental College. She is also a finalist judge of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

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