Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Former LAUSD Teacher Works For CCS California, Training Teachers On SMART Products

Nicole Gordon
By Dupé Aleru|June 14, 2011|10:08 a.m.

Local Beverly Hills resident Nicole Gordon began her career as a teacher. Holding a master’s degree in Education from the University of Southern California (USC), Gordon worked as a full-time teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District. 

After numerous years inside the classroom, Gordon transitioned to a career that will train teachers, working for CCS California—one of the nation’s leading audio video integrators.

Gordon’s passion for teaching and enthusiasm for technology landed her the job in the education division as one of CCS’ Education Consultants.   
Audio video technology purchases and installations normally occur during the summer and off months of the school year. These million dollar investments allow the installations to be properly installed without disrupting the classroom environment.

Every install is followed by an extensive training for teachers and students. As an Education Consultant/ SMART Trainer, Gordon’s focus is on SMART products such as interactive white boards, projectors and interactive learning tables.
By providing the follow-up training to teachers and students, schools not only get the most out of their investment, but teachers learn how to use the technology effectively and to its full capacity.

“The idea of change, along with the challenge of learning how to do something new can be very scary for teachers. It is my job to work with educators to ensure that they become aware of the ease and use of SMART Technologies,” said Gordon. 

“In addition, I work with teachers to discover that these technologies can not only make learning more engaging for students but they also simplify teaching and assist as a classroom management tool for instructors.”

“I absolutely love what I do and believe that these classroom solutions, when used effectively, can have such a positive impact on all kinds of learners—auditory, visual, kinesthetic, etc.,” concluded Gordon.   

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