Thursday, January 27, 2011

Betty White Thanks Horace Mann School In Beverly Hills

Betty White
By Dupè Aleru
    Horace Mann School sure knows how to say “Happy Birthday”.
    On Betty White’s 89th birthday, the Huskies surprised Ms. White by making her special birthday cards.
    In return, White sent personal thank you notes and a signed photograph with her dog Panda to thank the Husky Nation for making such wonderful cards and thinking of her on her 89th birthday.             In the letter, White indicated that she would do something special for Horace Mann School later this year when her traveling slowed down.
    In regards to the invite to Alumni Night, White appreciated the kind gesture and apologized for missing the event due to her busy schedule.        White has not slowed down yet. After leaving New York last week for her birthday celebration, she is now in Kansas City, MO for the premier of The Last Valentine  which will air on CBS, Jan. 30.

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