Thursday, January 20, 2011

El Camino Real High Unfazed By Shooting and Lockdown Yesterday

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times
As parents arrived in cars to drop off their children at El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills this morning, one can ask, "What is going on in our schools these days where shootings and lockdowns occur to be "normal"? According to the Los Angeles Times, "students walked to school with the shooting of a police officer near campus fresh on their minds."

Parents and children seemed to not be concerned about returning to school after yesterday's shooting of police officer Jeffrey Stenroos as the gunman remains at large. 

Today, several police cars were quite visible around campus, indicating to the public and community that the law enforcement presence has been implemented.

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Los Angeles Times|January 20, 2011|8:57 a.m.

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