Monday, February 28, 2011

Both The Boys And Girls Beverly High Track Athletes Placed 2nd In The State Indoor Meet Held In Fresno This Past Saturday

BHHS Track Club Took 2nd Place At The State  Indoor Meet

By Dupe Aleru|February 28, 2011|9:50 p.m.

After speaking with Head Coach Jeff Fisher and looking at the pictures from last weekends meet, takes me back to the days when I ran track in High School and goes to show just how much I was dedicated to the sport.

Track is one of those sports that will always hold a special place in my heart. Believe it or not, I use to dream of the days I would run in the Olympic those days, I was "considered the Flo Jo" of my least in my High School in Tulare CA. haha (yes where the cow manure smells off the 99 freeway!)

Today, these kids are just a bit faster...well a lot faster. I remember when a 12.6 in the open 100m sprint was consider fast, not to mention a time of 12 flat would take you to the state meet! Not in 2011, these athletes are running in the low 10's and I'm talking about the girls!

If I can do one thing this year that I can check off my list, it will definitely be to go see Beverly Hills High School's Track Team run in a meet. The feeling of just being back on a track brings me joy and fulfillment. I miss those days, riding on the school bus, listening to my ear phones-pumping me up before the big race and chatting with the team. Though those days are gone, I can still enjoy the glory of watching young athletes pursue their dreams.

Well congrats BHHS on your positive start for a terrific season to come! Go Normans!

BHHS Boys also took 2nd in the State Indoor Meet

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