Friday, April 29, 2011

10 Things I'd Do Differently In High School

By Dupe Aleru|April 29, 2011|8:33 a.m.

Do you ever wonder if you would have done things differently in high school that you'd be in a different place in your life today? I've heard this many times from friends and acquaintances, and this topic started to make me think of my own high school experience. 

As I look back to my high school days, I remember all the fun times, my friends, crushes, my teachers and of course the parties! I can honestly say I wouldn't change ANYTHING, BUT...there's always the WHAT IF? What if I did this differently...would it have changed my outcome in life? 

For me personally, it wouldn't have changed ANYTHING, but it's still entertaining to think if i'd done things differently...then what?


1. First and foremost, I wouldn't be the "slow-witted" senior that actually went to school on SENIOR DITCH DAY (still haunts me to this day)!

2. I wouldn't have partied the night before SAT's (thank goodness I made up for it later in score was dreadful)!

3. I would have tried out for the FOOTBALL TEAM ( I'm only kidding, BUT if it was possible, why not?!) Go Loggers!

4. I would have had a better sense of STYLE! I mean really?! I worked at WET SEAL for crying out loud...plaid, jeans and bright bold colors were NEVER in style! Silly me...I'm glad I made up for lost times! hehe

5. 100m dash...that was MY RACE! I wouldn't have traded it in for the 100m hurdles...never got my stride with the hurdles (literally)...I will always be a 100m sprinter.

6. I would have PASSED my drivers test on the first try (no comment).

7. I would have left my EYEBROWS alone! Looking like fishing hooks...ew gross!

8. I would have MINGLED more with individuals who were not in my immediate circle of friends or "click" (I knew a lot of people, but not on a personal level).

9. I would have come clean to my SECRET CRUSH (blushing...uh-uh, I'm taking this one to the grave haha).

10. I would have studied DANCE...everyone who know me is aware of my intense obsession for dance...I wish I would have taken it more seriously when I was younger.

All in all, high school holds my fondest memories in life and sometimes I wish I can go back to do it all over again, not to change anything, but to relive the best times of my life. I can look back and laugh at all the silly things that I did, while learning from them.

For all you high school students out there, live and have no regrets! 

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