Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where in the World Are You Heading?

By Nathalie Kunin|Team Tutors|April 30, 2011|9:59 a.m.

The most popular college major today is Undecided. With so much of our youth unsure about where they are headed with their careers, it is hardly a recipe for a thriving workforce. That is why Team Tutors is excited to introduce their newest program, Where in the World Are You Heading, which helps teens and young adults discover who they are and what avenues they might want to pursue for their future.

Targeted to high school students, Where in the World provides its participants with the tools and framework to make clear, thoughtful choices about their future. By starting early, students gain awareness of their own unique strengths, natural abilities, personality type and values. They have a clearer vision when determining best college fit, and a sharpened focus when choosing activities and summer jobs. Our 9th grade participants said the program helped give them a roadmap to navigate their path to college and beyond.

Where In The World is also helpful for college students and young adults grappling with career choices.  Lindsay Wolf, who recently completed the program, says that she used to feel stagnant and a bit lost in knowing her purpose in the world. “This program has given me a new sense of what I want in life. I'm now easily able to connect my daily passions with the search for a way to make a living,” said Wolf.

The program consists of four 90-minute sessions with a trained career advisor, a one-hour follow up session with parents, and a detailed analysis of the student’s personal discoveries.

For more information, contact Team Tutors at or call 323-356-6160.

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