Sunday, June 5, 2011

Azy Farahmand Steps Down As El Rodeo PTA President, Stays on as PTA Advisor

Interview by Dupé Aleru|11:03 a.m

As Azy Farahmand celebrates her last few weeks as PTA President, she reminisces over her outstanding two year position, before stepping down.

Though she was president for two years, Farahmand has been a part of the PTA for the past five years. Preceding to her five-year involvement, Farahmand was a stay-at- home mom. In addition, she was involved with the PTA at Temple Isaiah Preschool off W. Pico Blvd.

A large part of El Rodeo fundraising is the “Annual Fund”—where families are encouraged to donate $500 per child to the PTA. Such donations support the schools program functionality.

 “I’m going to miss this job so much. This was such an amazing experience for me. There wasn’t one rewarding thing. There were so many rewarding things. Working for the school that I love—when I say school I mean the kids in the school, the faculty and the administration, was a joy. Being there for all of them was number one for me. I loved doing it,” said Farahmand.

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