Monday, June 6, 2011

Dana Young Steps In As El Rodeo’s PTA President

Interviewed by Dupé Aleru|9:16 a.m.

Former Executive Vice President Dana Young spent one year as EVP under the position of Azy Farahmand, and now looks forward to her new position as PTA president at El Rodeo.

Prior to her EVP position, Young was co-chair for the multi-cultural committee with Farahmand. She also served on the community service and hospitality committee.

“I think Azy was a great leader and example to follow. She really taught me everything and helped me to do the best that I can, so that I can excel in my role next year as president,” said Young.

As for fundraising, Young acknowledges the strong parent body at El Rodeo. She went on to explain that parents are always anxious to help out in anyway, from selling water to working the car pool lane, all for the success of its school.

Young is thrilled to start the new school year and plans to rally for additional parental involvement in order to continue with the success of its school.

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