Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eleanora Goldberg Proceeds As Horace Mann’s PTA EVP

By Dupé Aleru|June 18, 2011|7:42 a.m.

Eleanora Goldberg will pick up where she left off for the upcoming school year, as Horace Mann’s EVP for PTA.

According to Goldberg, a large part of HM’s fundraising campaign steam from “direct ask”. In addition, the bulk of funds are collected during the first few weeks of school during September.  Establishing convenient ways to donate such as letter form, online, the first day of school, envelopes, credit cards and the like, allow parents to seek options that better fit their needs.

Lacking in years past, Goldberg’s goal is to explain the importance of donating to the parents and community and discuss where the money is going. “It’s really important to help everybody understand what the PTA does and where the money goes, that’s the only way people will donate,” said Goldberg.
Goldberg continued to state that if parents understand the importance and the value, then they are more likely to give versus not knowing where the money is going and/or not agreeing to where the money is going.

“This year has been an amazing year. It’s the best year we’ve ever had, due of our new principal Kessler as well as our new president Howard and the whole PTA board. We really got so many things accomplished this year and the things that I’m most proud of, is bringing our Star Science to our K-5 as well as the Science Olympiad for the third graders,” said Goldberg who has a PhD in the Sciences. 

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