Friday, June 17, 2011

Goldstein Resumes As PTA President For The Upcoming School Year At Horace Mann

By Dupé Aleru|June 17, 2011|8:04 a.m.

Howard Goldstein will remain in his position as PTA President for Horace Mann, in the upcoming 2011-2012 school year.

In his industrious life as an attorney in Class Action Litigation, husband, and father, Goldstein finds time to take part in an executive board position in a community where he attended school—Beverly Vista in Beverly Hills.

Goldstein started his diligent involvement as a parent volunteer for seven years prior to his appointed position as PTA president for Horace Mann, last year.

Horace Mann’s assembled plan for the 2010-2011 school year was different than years past. With a welcomed back breakfast for the entire school community that was held in September, Horace Mann was able to give something to the HM community—a sense of unity. In turn, HM PTA received 305 out of 487 potential membership donations.

Putting the “fun” in fundraising for the families and community was the key. Families saw the events as a fun time for the community, rather than a “need to give” event. “We want them to want to give for the right reasons, for the benefit of the kids,” said Goldstein.

With the generous donations, HM was able hit the infrastructure by remodeling its lobby, launching a student ran “Husky Student Store”, rewiring 40 PC computers in the computer lab, purchasing 20 new Mac computers and much more.

“Between my professional education and experience, my wife, and with intelligent and caring input from the wonderful parents that make up the Horace Mann PTA Executive Board, I have a deep understanding of the educational environment that faces this community today,” said Goldstein.

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