Friday, June 3, 2011

Shalhevet Choir’s Modern Usage Of A Cappella Enchants Viewers

Shalhevet Choir

By Dupé Aleru|June 3, 2011|7:55 a.m.
A Capella—Italian for “in the manner of the chapel” is a form of music that is sung without instrumentals.

Shalhevet Choir, lead by faculty member Joelle Keene, performed their Spring Concert without instrumental auxiliary—no piano or orchestra. 

Keene, who has her Master of Arts degree in Choral Conducting and Music Composition, wrote most of the arrangements for the musical gala. The Choir's repertoire consisted of secular, religious and Israeli music, ranging from contemporary to traditional.  In addition, alums were invited on stage to sing the final number, Hiney Ba HaShalom—Here Comes Peace.

In its eight years of music-making sensations, the Shalhevet Choir has performed dozens of concerts, including appearances for the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum (both the dedication and fundraiser held at the Beverly Hills Hotel), several Beverly Hills homes for the aged as well as the Daniel Pearl Festival. 

Former Shalhevet Choir alumni have gone on to be leaders in two of the top college choirs in the nation, Columbia University and the University of Maryland’s esteemed Kol Sasson—an eighteen member group that sings in both English and Hebrew.

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