Friday, July 15, 2011

A First Day of School Check List: For Students

By Dupe Aleru|July 15, 2011|11:18 a.m.

There are a few things students should review and/or prepare for before the first day of school. Having a check list will allow students to not only be prepared, but to also have a smooth transition into their new new grade and classroom.

These are the FIVE most important factors that I found as a former teacher, to be useful for incoming students.

1) Eat Breakfast. This sounds so cliche and I know you've all heard this a million times, but it's the truth. Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning will give you the extra boost of energy you will need on your first day. The worst thing is growling stomach as your teacher is trying to teach. It also might be wise to bring a snack to keep in your bag pack that you can eat during recess or break.

2) Know your classroom(s) and Don't Be Late. If possible, make sure you check your room number and teacher's name prior to the first day of school. Most schools will have these posted on its school buildings around the school. With friends or family members, do a walk through of your class(es) prior to the first day. This will relieve stress and/or anxiety on the first day. Trying to find your home room before the first bell can be scary and nerve racking, so try to do this the week before school. Last, be on time. Set your alarm and have an early start.

3) Come Prepared. Students who are prepared for the first day of school will have a bag pack, binder(s), all necessary books, pencils, pens, paper and other useful utensils. The last thing you want to do is borrow a pencil on the first day of school. First impressions count.

4) Review. Review math facts, sight words, writing strategies and the like. This will help with the transition from one grade to the next. Most content standards are linked and continue from the previous year, so if you  review, it will help you learn the new skills through the use of prior knowledge.

5) Ready to Learn. When you think positive you shall reap positive results. Go to school ready to learn. Participate in whole group discussions, help others, listen, follow directions, be a team player, share, be an active learner and follow the school and classroom rules. If you can do these things, you will have a successful and more fulfilling experience in school.

There are many things one can place on their checklist in order to prepare themselves for the first day of school.

All in all, having a checklist will give you the opportunity to have a successful and stress free first day of school.

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