Monday, March 26, 2012

Golden Girl Maggie Vessey Gets Her Game On

By Hal Lifson|Palm Dessert Patch|March 25, 2012

Olympic Hopeful is becoming the "It Girl" of the summer games and is planning a Palm Desert visit soon.
Picture Credit, Palm Desert Patch

This summer, all eyes will be on London for the Summer Olympics. Hopefully, if Maggie Vessey has it her way, and she usually does, a lot of those eyes will be on her as well.
Maggie is like a tall glass of very smart water for the U.S. middle distance team. A blonde bombshell who runs fast as lightning -- two laps around the track in under two minutes. That's what the 800 meters is for Maggie and her colleagues on the track.
A race to the line that is nearly half a mile long and it's over before even a hair is out of place for Maggie. That's just the way it works for the 30-year-old Santa Cruz native who discovered she was a "fast kid" at an early age. "I had an instant identity: Maggie The Runner."
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