Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tutors for Tots' December Recipient for Student of the Month

Riley S.
By Dupe Aleru|Ed Enterprise|January 1, 2013|4:45pm

Tutors for Tots would like to congratulate its student Riley S. for being its December recipient for Student of the Month.

Riley S. is a 2nd grade excel student at Prisk Elementary school in Long Beach, CA. She began our program in October 2012 to help with her advancement in math and spelling.

During the last few months, Riley has worked with her tutor Kelley on weekly spelling tests, math problems and writing projects. Her pre and post tests exemplify her growth in math.

“Riley is very smart and excels in all her school work. She also continues to do better each week with her spelling words. Riley continues to be a joy to tutor. She loves to learn and is always up for me to challenge her, said Miss Rowell.”

Tutors for Tots would like to congratulate Riley S. on her achievement as well as acknowledge her tutor Kelley Rowell.

Way to go Riley. Keep up the great work! 

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