Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tutors For Tots Tweens & Teens Focuses On Individual Learning

Ava Tehrani Tutoring Joshua D. in Math
By Stephanie Minasian|Gazette Newspapers|January 9, 2013|3:15 pm 

As a former Long Beach educator, Dupé Aleru knows what it takes to help students find success in school.
Aleru, who was laid off from the Long Beach Unified School District in 2010, began Tutors for Tots, Tweens and Teens the same year as a way to continue helping youngsters who may be struggling in school.
The business grew out of Aleru’s living room into a new business office, which will host a grand opening celebration this Saturday, at 5541 E. 7th St.
“The grand opening of the business office is a milestone in my life, so I want to go big,” Aleru said. “I like to do everything big and glamorous.”
Aleru and her team of credentialed instructors work one-on-one with students in their homes, which provides the children with intensive instruction and also keeps them away from any distractions.
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