Saturday, February 5, 2011

Teen BHEF To Host Candidate's Forum On Feb. 7

By Dupè Aleru

Teen BHEF (Beverly Hills Education Foundation) will host its City Council Candidate’s Forum–being aired on KBEV–at 5 p.m.on Feb. 7  in the John Cherney Lecture Hall at BHHS’s Science and Technology Center.

With the sponsorship from The Beverly Hilton, the forum was conceived by the BHEF‘s Steven Fenton five years ago—before he joined the Board of Education in 2007—alongwith the group  of teens.

The teens launched the forum through the BHEF in the hopes of learning about their community and philanthropy.

Teen BHEF is comprised of Beverly Hills Unified School District students in grades 8 through 12.

“The forum is a great way for Teen BHEF to connect with the City and to make other teens aware of what’s going on in our community. Teen BHEF is very excited to host this event for the third consecutive year,” said  Teen BHEF President Sammy Galen, a Beverly High junior. 

Teen BHEF members meet once a month during the school year at The Beverly Hilton.

“Since Steven Fenton and I started working on BHEF with the Hilton several years ago, I have always loved this group,” said BHEF CEO Dev Hankin.  
“I know the teens are learning valuable leadership lessons, and already understand the issues of their community and we want them to be engaged citizens. We have recently formed a Grandparents Council to further extend the BHEF community.   
“I figured, if our students start to learn the concept of ‘paying it forward’, there’s a high probability they will understand the concept of ‘pay it back.’ Teen BHEF is what I like to call an ‘anchor’ program–one in which our students become tied to our community well after they leave Beverly High. This program would never have gotten off the ground without Dev Hankin and The Beverly Hilton,” said Steven Fenton.

For more information on BHEF, Teen BHEF or the Teen BHEF City Council Candidate’s Forum, visit or call 310-557-0651.

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